We look disgusting

I’m very passionate about a lot of things, and as such, I get told to “chill out” a lot when I try to address these things, but this has been on my mind for a while. The “Don’t Judge Me Challenge”. First off, I’d just like to make it known that I’m by no means suggesting that these videos weren’t a good laugh here and there but I do have a point somewhere in here so bear with me.

A lot of social media trends start off with really good intentions and then become meaningless things people do just to have a funnier version than the previous person. The Ice Bucket Challenge for example.

When Em Forde (My Pale Face), a beauty vlogger, started this don’t judge me wave with her “You Look Disgusting” video, it was essentially to show the differences in responses to her Make Up/No Make Up photos. It was intended to show how the unrealistic standards of beauty that have been set can translate into harsh responses when people are then confronted with the fact that people really just don’t look that way.

She first comes on camera with no make up, and you can see comments that real people left literally saying she looked disgusting, simply because she had spots, acne scars and dark circles, all things that are simply a part of life for millions of people. And of course subsequently on her make up photos, you have the usual love struck emoji’s and all. However, they were still followed by comments insulting her for covering how “hideous” she is with makeup. The video almost made me cry at how terrible we’ve become to one other.

What’s disgusting is how destructive we’ve become to ourselves and each other simply because of the safety we think being behind the computer screen gives us.

Now two things,

One. I absolutely hate seeing people slander people with a lot of acne, discoloration/hyperpigmentation and other skin related issues for covering it up with makeup and looking good with it. Not to say that people cant be beautiful with problematic skin but should someone really be bullied or called a catfish for wanting to put on some make up and/or go out without having to feel self conscious because they have “bad skin”? (Not to say this is the only reason said people would want to put on make up). She’s not the only one. When beauty gurus that have similar struggles with their skin put up videos on how to cover them up, they get so much backlash when in real life there are people who look up to them and who these videos really help and reassure. People who may struggle with self-confidence and so on because of their acne.

Two, yes, the don’t judge me challenge can be fun but keep in mind when you draw on your pimples, unibrows and freckles for the sake of laughs, there’s people who actually have these things. And however indirectly, you subscribe to the general school of thought that these things automatically make a person ugly. Social media is supposed to be fun, I’m not implying that its bad what the don’t judge me challenge has become. All I’m saying is that we should always keep in mind that everything we do/say has nuances that most likely translate into something meaningful. The message here is to be conscious of our actions and words.

P.S the make up jokes have honestly gotten old. I don’t spend money on make up just to beat my face and look exactly as I did before I put it on.

As a side note, I’m gonna start doing beauty/Make Up posts every now and then, so any suggestions, comment below.

Watch “You Look Disgusting” here



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