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I’m honestly so thrilled that I got to do this before leaving Lagos this past January. Lord knows the odds were racked against it, if I’m to be completely honest. With conflicting schedules and one thing coming up after the other, Mary and I actually ended up meeting up on the very day she was to leave for Canada. Thankfully, we did like I said, I’m really happy about that.maryedit-0865 (1)I guess I’m somewhat “fan-girling” because Mary and her blog, “The Cocopolitan” are one of the reasons why I actually made the decision that I wanted to be a blogger, alongside a couple of others. I’ve been a fan for quite a while and being able to meet in the way that we did is something I wanted to do since I started doing features here.As expected, we got to have very insightful conversations on a good amount of things and it was particularly interesting for me to hear the opinions of someone who’s been part of the blogging community longer than I have.One passion that I glad we share is being able to represent and work towards being people who can inspire and empower young women like ourselves, which she names as one of her short and long terms goals. If you know me, you know that’s exactly the kind of thing I love to hear.new7Anyway, if you want to hear the things Mary and I discussed, I actually set up a camera and recorded the whole thing this time so you guys could hear and see things from her own perspective, rather than me paraphrasing like I usually do. The video is linked below. Make sure you guys check her out if you haven’t already. It’s worth it, trust me.DE1A2067 (1) (2)

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