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So someone asked me not too long ago if everyone I’m gonna feature is gonna be lady. I honestly didn’t even realize that I’d only featured girls so far but to be fair, I’ve only done a handful of features. Its actually funny because most of my personal fashion icons are men. Anyway contrary to what it might look like, I will not only feature women. Teye Adekeye is one person I’ve paid attention to for a while now in terms of fashion.IMG_5293IMG_5297I personally have a keen interest in stylists. Knowing a few myself, I’ve witnessed first hand how different it is from being a designer or “personal shopper”. “The passion I had for fashion and clothing people”, Teye says, is what drew him to become a stylist. I imagine passion is really something you’d have to have in this line of work, especially since working on such a personal level and basically determining a persons appearance can’t always be smooth. With my experience in customer service, people aren’t always pleasant.



“Bringing out the best of the person. Seeing everything come out as planned excites me and knowing the client loves their look and is willing to come back makes me satisfied that I’ve done a good job”

IMG_5294 IMG_5595Dressing people is a bit of a tricky thing, even in my own experience. I personally have challenges admitting that something looks good if I wouldn’t wear it myself. Which is why I know for a fact that I wouldn’t make a good stylist because I’d just end of making everyone look how I look. But Teye, obviously with more experience that I have talks about the importance of ensuring the client’s vision remains. “The clients expression is important to me and also earning their confidence by making them feel good”

IMG_5298 IMG_5258I always predict serious success for someone this talented and passionate about their craft, so I have no doubt that this man is gonna go far. In terms of his goals for the near and not so near future, Teye says, “In 3 years I see myself probably working for a modeling agency and in 10 years I see myself as an established fashion icon though that’s also part of my in 3 years goal.”IMG_1970








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