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Honestly, the only thing that came to mind when trying to put this post together is how far support goes. Mainly because these pictures were shot by someone that I’ve know for the longest. Thompson and I have been like brother and sister since primary school. Since I started this blog, I can’t think of one person who’s shown more support than he has, you would have thought it was his own project. He always let me know that he was there if I needed help with anything, not just as “Thompson Ekong; the photographer” but as someone who genuinely cared about me moving forward.image2image4Little things go a very very long way with me. I’ve always been the type not to seek validation but if I’m being honest, with the amount of effort and hope I put into this before it was finally up, I needed that validation.image1image3-3I’m not going to say much more than that but I guess I should take advantage of this to address something called to my attention about almost never replying comments. My blog is new, meaning im not dealing with comments in hundreds. But I’ve seen enough to know that replying comments can take a wrong turn. I’d rather not reply all comments now that they’re in single digits just to stop when their in double and be called a sell out.output_HgoVzfI actually read every comment I’m sent and whether I reply or not, the support I’ve gotten so far means more than you can imagine to me. Hopefully this doesn’t sound egocentric, I guess this is just my general way of saying thank you to everyone who’s showed love so far and that I don’t take anything for granted.image2-5

Shirt- Topman

Shorts- eBay

Belt- H&M, similar here

Hat- Nordstrom through Mall for Africa

Necklace- Gift, similar here

Photos by Thompson

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    September 21, 2015 at 12:02 am

    I just feel like you took a burden of my chest…this a very good project you have began…i see everything i needed to share or rather


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