I don’t know if I’m the only one who finds those “@ a make up artist in *insert location* slightly annoying. It gets so messy simply because you get TONS of responses, (‘cause lets face it, everyone knows a make up artist), and then scanning through tons of instagram pages to make a choice can be such a task.

“Last year around my birthday, I was looking for a make up artist and took on to instagram only to find myself drowned in millions of posts in response to #mua. Immediately an idea occurred to me and that is MUACENTRAL®.”

MUACENTRAL combines two of my favorite things, beauty and young entrepreneurship. Becoming a make up artist is not easy. It requires skill, dedication and MONEY, so creating a platform like this for MUA’s to use as an avenue to promote their businesses is beyond needed. And for free?????MUACENTRAL FLYER

“MUACENTRAL® is an online platform that aims to bridge the gap between make-up artists and prospective clients. MUACENTRAL® is your one stop source for quality, affordable and reliable beauty services. It is the yellow pages for make up services and it comes at NO COST at all.I have made it my goal at MUACENTRAL® to give a face to make up artists all over the world who use this website as a tool to showcase the uncompromising quality of their art, build their brand while making their dream a business at NO COST. It is FREE of service charges and registration fee! We receive no commission off bookings either, as we give artists independency of ALL bookings. As a user, MUACENTRAL® gives you access to our extensive directory of the best-suited make up artists near your house, office, business or event venue to provide you with the best and most memorable experience!”

Bili Balogun, CEO.

Bili Balogun. CEO, MUACENTRAL®

At around my age, which also happens to be Bili Balogun, CEO of MUACENTRAL’s age, you honestly have to demand to be taken seriously when building a brand for yourself, because by default, you’re looked at as just another kid, giving you a lot to prove. I know most of you are acquainted with student life and its “financial limitations”. This was/is not even a sponsored project! Every penny that went towards making this a reality came from my girl’s pocket. This once again shows how far hard work and dedication can take you, which is why you guys’ support is so imperative towards making this an even bigger success. If you know someone who does make up, put them on ASAP. If you do make up yourself, take advantage of this, you definitely won’t regret it. Spread the word!

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