I’ve always found the idea of talking about myself so tedious. I could go ahead and recite the basics; age, hobbies etc., but at the end of that, how much of who I am would you really have gotten to know? Still, putting oneself out there in other ways can be a lot scarier. It leaves you vulnerable. Open to criticism and judgment.IMG_9022I guess what I’m trying to say is that the beauty of this new path I’ve chosen to take is the bitter sweet feeling of knowing I’ve now opened myself up with the intention of showing people my thoughts, interests and ideologies and hoping that they’ll appreciate them the same way I do. And in a perfect world, you all will. Clearly that’s not the world I live in, but I’ve now made the conscious choice to take this step regardless of the pros and cons for a few simple reasons…
Too often, when the world speaks of our generation of young adults, it comes with negative connotations. Self absorbed, care free, reckless, overly involved in social media and irresponsible are only a few attributes we’ve been assigned.IMG_9019
Maybe I’m biased, but I honestly believe that this generation has been so instrumental towards trying to mold the world into what it needs to be. Most of us may not believe in fundamental politics, but look at the news, who’s out in the streets leading protests? Who’s making sure their voices are heard by any means necessary? We are being immensely slept on.
Maybe due to how I was raised, I have the utmost appreciation for art. Whether in form of fashion, music, poetry, photography and many others, art can be the most sincere mode of self-expression. Knowing this, I also believe that art should be as genuine and raw as possible and I believe censorship and commercialization dilute it. With that said, no generation has done raw and anti-conforming self-expression like we have.IMG_9020
My aim is to be an instrument that showcases youth in terms of our diverse aesthetics. I know people go on style blogs either for style reference or simply to feed their eyes, but using myself as well as my peers who I feel exemplify individuality and style, this blog will be a space that encourages today’s youth to be as individual as they can be. I am neither a self proclaimed “fashionista” or lifestyle expert. But it’s true that every weirdo out here has a like-minded weirdo somewhere in the world who appreciates the same things. I guess I’m just hoping to find my own set of “weirdos”. This blog isn’t strategically planned out. Who knows how I’m going to continue to put out content. It’s not going to be anything fancy, I’m not really one for expensive clothes and I don’t live a glam life, but with support and feedback, I’ll do my best to cater to whoever’s willing to continue this journey with me.
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Shirt- Thrifted

Shorts- Sister’s wardrobe

Pants- Marshalls

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