So finally, I’m back with another feature. I feel like its been an eternity since I last did one of these. This is one that I’m especially happy about because if you know me, you this is one of my absolute faves! Blogger, YouTuber, Baker, Media Influencer and overall fashionista, Bella of . Of course I would have loved to have actually sat down with her for a face to face conversation but she is based in Abuja so you see how that goes…imageI did meet her once though, at Desiree Iyama’s shopping party, and even though our exchange was only about 30 seconds long (with about 2 hours of fan girling afterwards), it was definitely worth it. She even told me I look a lot taller in my pictures, which I swear, I’ve never heard before but its always amusing when hearing new things about myself.


She’s exactly how I thought she would be. Gracious, polite, someone whose aura demands attention. Not to mention her makeup and skin literally looked FLAWLESS while wearing her distinct ear to ear Bella smile. Side note, we even have the same last name (fate or nah lmao)

Anyway, shortly after that we spoke about having her featured on my blog, so here we are…

– On why she started blogging

“I started blogging because I didn’t know what I was good at. I didn’t have any real hobbies and I thought ‘why not?’. I was dealing with a lot of anxiety and depression and it was a good release.”

On social media and blogging-

“I think what helps me most on social media are consistency, honesty and being realistic. I keep my social media organic.”


Her creative process-

“I start off most times searching my favorite blogs to get inspiration, other times, a idea pops into my mind at night when I can’t sleep. I go on to make a draft and create bullet points and then get into the research part of it all. At the end, I construct my sentences and posts in ways I know I’d love to read them! (pretty boring stuff,lol)”

Blogging or YouTube-

“Wow, that’s a tough one. YouTube or Blogging…I love talking to the camera but my blog tends to reach more people, weirdly enough. For this particular interview, I’ll say YouTube! It pushes me out of my comfort zone and it has definitely been the reason for all my brownies!”


For new bloggers-

“I’d say the most important thing for a newbie blogger to have in mind is that blogging should be for you. You shouldn’t be trying too hard to reach a demographic you don’t understand, It’s more efficient to focus on what you know and like. You can definitely break out eventually but start with yourself.”

Top perks of being a blogger-

“I have to say it’s being messaged by strangers telling me how they feel! You have no idea how hard it is to get Nigerians to talk on a normal day but I get so much inspo reading emails I get from other people. I feel like I see a little bit of myself in every brownie that has ever messaged me and it makes me feel like I’m not as alone, you know? It’s a great feeling.”

Short/Long term goals-

“I want to sell confidence. I want EVERY Nigerian girl to be confident and self aware and hone in on her femininity and her uniqueness and I’m hoping I can make that a niche for myself and others.”IMG_0132






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