Desiree’s Wardrobe

I was basically frantic thinking about who next to feature before I leave Nigeria. Everyone I could possibly think of wasn’t in Lagos or even in the country at the time. Including Desiree. Then I saw a post she put up on Instagram that she’d just landed back in Lagos and I reached out to her literally like 2 seconds later. Yes I was extra eager, seeing as I was running out of options.


IMG_9808Anyway, we met up at a restaurant on the island where once again, a random gentleman offered to pay for our food and drinks. We turned him down, but I’m really starting to see a pattern here. We talked about quite a few things, like my fear of a lack of direction with my blog (and my life, if I’m being honest) and her some of her experiences as a style blogger in Lagos.IMG_9786output_QG7g22Desiree’s Wardrobe appeals to me especially because of the way it blends a lot of things that I’m personally interested in. I find that a lot of blogs come with a level of exclusivity in terms of their kind of content, which can be good for structure, but Desiree creates a great blend that can appeal to lovers of art, beauty and fashion.

IMG_9776output_Y5INfqDesiree getting back when she did was honestly such a relief, considering she was one of the people that peaked my interest in becoming a blogger as well as one of the few blogs I’m actually a regular on. You guys should definitely go take a look at Desiree’s Wardrobe.IMG_9813

Desiree’s Blog

Shirt & Sweats- Primark

Kimono- Steve Madden

Shoes- Zara



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