Demin daze

Not so funny story. I don’t know if any of you can identify with the feeling of frustration when you can’t find your clothes. Especially if you already had your mind set on a certain shirt or pair of jeans the night before, like I had. Make up and hair done, time to get dressed….my jeans are missing. I literally turned my suitcases inside out, went through everything in the laundry room and ransacked my sister’s wardrobe. It was that serious.IMG_9098


Girls, if your thighs touch, I’m sure you guys know how stressful the wrong pair of jeans on a hot day can be. I really just wasn’t ready for the discomfort, plus nothing else seemed like it would work considering I had made up my mind that I was going to wear those jeans or none at all.


I overestimated the size of my shirt at first. I’d worn it over a dress before but it wasn’t anywhere close to my knees like I’d initially thought. So Yes, I’m wearing bottoms. The same shorts had on here (before someone’s aunty comes and attacks me). I was initially going for the light on dark denim look but since my jeans decided not to rock with me that day, I had to make do. I should probably invest in a few t-shirt dresses for days like this (someone put me on to some stores) while I still can, before I have to go back to school and its fall again.



Denim shirt- Port&Company

Shoes- Converse

Tattoo necklace- eBay



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