Dear Diary,

So I’m back again from my annual, unplanned hiatus. At least this time, I actually feel like it needed to happen. 2017 really has been the year of realizing things lol. But yeah your girl is back.I guess updates on my life are necessary at this point. First and most importantly, I’m now officially a college graduate! And honestly that gets rid of half of the reason that I’ve been away from blogging this long. The amount of stress and anxiety that being in my senior year caused, I can’t even explain. Its not all sad and driddy though. Amidst everything that happened this year, I still managed to have more fun than I should have and STILL bag a degree in the process. But honestly, college produces professional finessers as I always say.

I also turned 21 a couple of months ago. Not that big of a deal but you know, we always have to thank God for life and the seemingly small blessings. My outlook on life now that I’m out of school is just so much more positive and clear. I’ve realized more than ever before how blessed I am to even be a degree holder at 21, on my way to starting a career. I’m in a happy, healthy relationship, surrounded with friends that I motivate me to better and a family that supports me.

Its so easy to find yourself complaining while neglecting the blessings that come your way everyday, however small you may think they are. So essentially, we need to always just stop and be grateful while working on solutions to the inevitable negatives. Otherwise, life becomes a agonizingly consuming. My new mindset and attitude, I’m observing is even showing through my style. Im now more open to trying things i would literally have never worn. I mean…I’m wearing florals guys.

Till next time my loves, stay blessed and love yourselves and those around you.

Blouse- Missguided

Skirt- Urban Planet

Body chain and Faux fur slides- Forever 21


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