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So finally, I’m back with another feature. I feel like its been an eternity since I last did one of these. This is one that I’m especially happy about because if you know me, you this is one of my absolute faves! Blogger, YouTuber, Baker, Media Influencer and overall fashionista, Bella of . Of course I…


The Cocopolitan

I’m honestly so thrilled that I got to do this before leaving Lagos this past January. Lord knows the odds were racked against it, if I’m to be completely honest. With conflicting schedules and one thing coming up after the other, Mary and I actually ended up meeting up on the very day she was…



I don’t know if I’m the only one who finds those “@ a make up artist in *insert location* slightly annoying. It gets so messy simply because you get TONS of responses, (‘cause lets face it, everyone knows a make up artist), and then scanning through tons of instagram pages to make a choice can…


Jessica Chibueze

I already knew I’d like Jessica, solely based on my little assessment of her personality on social media. But either way, you never really know what to expect when you speak to someone for the first time. Especially over something as potentially awkward as FaceTime. There’s this kind of exhaustion (definitely not the bad kind)…