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So you guys can probably tell that this wasn’t even supposed to be a post but when your best friend decides to be your personal photographer…I just had to. Plus it was such a fun day, I had to share.IMG_1910 IMG_1911A few friends and I decided to be mildly adventurous and go to this Egyptian restaurant in the city which was amazing by the way. We were a little irritated at first because they had us move tables for some party that was “a little larger than they anticipated”. But once the food and drinks started coming through, all that was forgotten.IMG_1906 IMG_1905Not to mention, I sarcastically said it was my birthday thinking the waiter wouldn’t take me seriously, but he did. When we asked for the check, one of the ladies serving our table asked if we didn’t want dessert and we said no.IMG_1903 IMG_1907She comes back out with four shots for us, on the house and says “We have one more surprise for you”. At this point, I’m almost crying, partly because I was laughing my guts out but also because they were all so nice (Yes, I’m very easily moved). They come out with dessert for us which also happened to be AMAZING and my silly friends sang me happy birthday.IMG_1909 IMG_1912Anyway, I had a great christmas eve and I ate GOOD (you can probably tell by the way my stomach looks in some of these pictures). I hope you guys are enjoying the holiday season. God bless you all, xx.

Jacket and Dress- Forever21

Booties- DSW



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