Not that long ago someone asked me if I thought maybe the fact that I don’t wear expensive clothes/shoes (being someone who’s brand depends on social media perception) might make some people not take me serious. At first the question seemed a little silly to me. But I’ve thought about it a lot since then and honestly the answer is probably yes. IMG_5099 IMG_5096I had to think of a lot of the instagram/twitter famous people most of us know and I realize we look at them a certain way a lot of the time because of what they have. The luxury of it is attractive to us, especially if you’re someone like me who can’t always afford these things. Now, make no mistake, I’m privileged enough to have parents who could afford these things for me if I expressed real interest in them. But I’m also grown enough to recognize that I definitely wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth and I’ve seen how hard they work to give me what I already have, therefore at 20 years old, I’m too worried about getting MY OWN shit together to bother my parents for frivolous things.IMG_5094 IMG_5097Also, my lifestyle and ideals just don’t support it. Now of course if and when in the near future I have the money for these things, I’ll definitely treat myself. Why would I deny myself the benefits of what my hard work would have earned me? But expensive clothes/shoes/bags or whatever aren’t part of the things I dream about when I day dream about my future. They’ll come as a bonus but other than that, not really.IMG_5103 IMG_5101I’ve even heard I “dress poor”, but I mean if thats someone’s perception of my style, shit, I guess thats what it is. Someone even left a comment trying to attack me for repeating a pair of jeans on here, like lmfao I’m sorry but were normal people not allowed to do that anymore? Its not because I don’t own anything expensive to wear on my blog but my blog is my real life and I’d be lying if I said they were part of my everyday wardrobe. I thrift, I bargain buy, I even wear my dads because not only does it match my bank account,it matches my personality. Broke with broke taste lmao.IMG_5095 IMG_5100I have to clarify that I have nothing against with people who do place value on these things, nice things are made to be valued and everything means something different to everyone. Some of my best friends save their coins to buy expensive bags and shoes for themselves, am I gonna act self righteous because I save my coins for filming equipment? I’m not a fucking hippie. IMG_5102I guess my point is that yes, I do think there are/will be people who won’t take me or my style serious because its not “luxury” but I mean, its me and thats what all of this is for anyway, me trying to reach people who like me for me. If that’s you, then thanks for being here.

Till next time, love yourselves and one another.

Shirt- Daddy’s closet

Jeans- eBay

Crotchet crop top- The Babe Society

Sandals- Forever21

Choker- Claire’s


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  • Hannatu

    July 25, 2016 at 9:05 am

    Omg…you are amazing, gosh this is the best post ever, i really appreciate the fact that you are being real , nowadays what people believe in is luxury especially we teenagers not what they have passion for but sister you are the best right and please tell it to them


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