“Art Print”

So lets talk about my fairly new obsession with prints. My favorite color’s been black for as long as I can remember. Still is. At stores, the black items are the first things that catch my eye. But that’s just the thing; I barely shop at stores anymore. Partly because all my money is usually gone before I realize I haven’t shopped and partly because I obsessively started thrifting. And if you know anything about 80’s and 90’s fashion, a lot of it is centered on colors and prints. The same colors and prints that make walking into the mall during spring and summer a nightmare for me. But somehow, it’s just different with vintage clothes.IMG_9386Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetAnyway, there are a whole bunch of different categories when it comes to prints, geometrics, florals and of course, the “art print”, prints which are inspired by or that are replications of art work. Naturally, I would be drawn to that, especially since I grew up around a lot of abstract art (we have like 100 paintings in my house).IMG_9368IMG_9390I think the fact that I developed a love for art very early in my life led me to take up an interest in fashion even if I’m still that girl that goes to class in sweat pants almost every day. Although since I started this blog I’ve started feeling a bit of pressure to look “cute” every time I go out. Anyway, there aren’t enough words that can come with a post like this, neither do I have any “daily inspo” to give, so I’ll leave it at that.IMG_9385IMG_9388P.s if anyone needs help finding prints like this, definitely let me know, its fun for me.IMG_9367

Mesh bra- American Apparel

Bodysuit- American Apparel

Jeans- Thrifted

Shirt- eBay

Tattoo necklace- eBay

Stone necklace- Forever21

Shoes- Forever21 (Similar here)


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