Angel of Harlem

Happy Sunday everyone!

So this post was definitely supposed be out last week cause I mean, who gives an account of how their weekend went two weeks after…(me obviously). But hey, here I am, don’t I get a gold star for just showing up?Anyway, my friends and I have been planning a brunch outing for a good two month but just like the Africans we are, we either couldn’t agree on a date or we’d just never make it early enough. But this time we did.Now if I’m being honest, it really didn’t start out great. The wait was actually ridiculous. Took a good hour and a half to get seated. But I’m gonna blame it on the fact that there was a birthday party there that day.But after we finally got seated, I tell you it was so worth it. The music and the food were so good (honestly I wouldn’t expect less from a black owned business) and the service was everything. Specifically our waitress who kept the bottomless drinks coming until a good hour after Brunch was already over.Personally, I love being surrounded by my people and the things that bring us together so overall, it was just really cool vibes, I would a hundred percent recommend going there if you’re in the New York area.

Shirt- Zara Man

Shorts- Thrifted

Bralette- American Eagle

Glasses- Jojo’s Secret


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