Angel of Harlem

Happy Sunday everyone! So this post was definitely supposed be out last week cause I mean, who gives an account of how their weekend went two weeks after…(me obviously). But hey, here I am, don’t I get a gold star for just showing up?Anyway, my friends and I have been planning a brunch outing for a good two month but just like the Africans we are, we either couldn’t agree on a date or we’d just never make it early enough. But this time we did.Now if I’m being honest, it really didn’t start out great. The wait was actually ridiculous. Took a good hour and a half…


Dear Diary,

So I’m back again from my annual, unplanned hiatus. At least this time, I actually feel like it needed to happen. 2017 really has been the year of realizing things lol. But yeah your girl is back.I guess updates on my life are necessary at this point. First and most importantly, I’m now officially a college graduate! And honestly that gets rid of half of the reason that I’ve been away from blogging this long. The amount of stress and anxiety that being in my senior year caused, I can’t even explain. Its not all sad and driddy though. Amidst everything that happened this year, I still managed…



Hey my loves! Long time no see (so to speak). Hopefully some of you missed me blogging as much as I did. Anyway, getting right into it, it’s getting cold outside…again…Honestly, it hasn’t been too bad so far but it’s not warm either obviously. As a girl on a constant budget, my main thing is making old winter pieces as well as this years spring/summer pieces work for the cold weather.Some of you may recognize this jacket from one of my posts last winter and honestly I have to say, its still one of my favorite items of clothing. You don’t always find style and comfort in many…